general terms of sale

General warnings

the costumers are request to read carefully the terms, before using this web site. the use of web site entail acceptance of general terms of sale. If you do not agree to these terms, Please don’t use this web site.

Eur Electronics S.r.l.  cannot be regarded as responsibly for any damage, for example the infection of informatics  virus or malware  if the device used of visitor for the navigation were to collapse with this web site, or in download of its contents.

Possible Hyperlinks in this website that may address the direct navigation to other web sites operated by others. Eur Electronics S.r.l. assumes no responsibility for the content published on these sites nor for any use which third parties may make of it, both for any damage caused or incurred while accessing these sites, both while browsing those sites or by downloading their content.

Art. 1 Scop of application

These terms govern the relations of supply between the parties. Even where derogations agreed in writing, these terms will continue to apply for terms not expressly waived.

The general sales conditions proposed by buyer will not enter into application in the relations between the parties unless expressly accepted in writing by Eur Electronics s.r.l. and under no circumstances will invalidate the efficiency of the present general conditions, which must be consistent.

Art.2 Formation of contract

The acceptation by purchaser of offers or order confirmation by Eur Electronics S.r.l.,  in any way carried out, cause us the conclusion of contract governed by this general condition of sale.

The offer by agents, representatives and vicarious agents of formation of Eur Electronics S.r.l. don’t is binding until it isn’t confirmed in writing by Eur Electronics s.r.l..

The offer of sale do not included in any case: the course of training, the assistance of start up and other similar service, except in the case that this performance is expressly included in the offer.

Art. 3 technical data and documents relative to the supplier

The weights, the measurements, the price, the performance, the colors and other relative date of the products provided and indicated in the catalogues, in the listings, in the circulars and in the web site or in other illustrative documents, created by Eur Electronics S.r.l., are indicative and we not compulsory, if not indicated in the order confirmation.

Eur Electronics S.r.l. reserve the right to change, at any time, the design details of our products in order to improve the performance.

Art. 4 Price and Payments

The price of the products refer to the price list in force at the moment of acceptance of the sale offer or (in the case of the order being send by at the moment of sending the order by the client or with the issue of confirmation of order by Eur Electronics S.r.l. and don’t include I.V.A. where necessary.

Eur Electronics S.r.l. reserves the right, at any time, to change the price list  in force, in case of increase in the cost of raw materials, of workforce or of any other factor that determine an increase of production cost.

The price of the products doesn’t included shipping (FCA Incoterms 2014), without prejudice to agreements in writing.

The payments must be made in accordance with the indications inside the web site

Potential prices expressed in currencies other than Euro may be subject to change in relation to fluctuations of the exchange rate.

Only for the purchases in the web site in the case of exercising the right of the refund the customer, as regulated by Art. 13 of this conditions, Eur Electronics S.r.l. should accredit the refund within 30 days of the date that Eur Electronics S.r.l.  Have know about of withdrawal of purchase. Eur Electronics S.r.l. reserves the right of to not intiate the deadline of 30 days for the refund, until he has received the products to replace and it has verified the integrity of the product.

Art. 5 Delivery

The transport costs include the management, the packaging and the delivery costs. We advise that you make all your purchases in one order. Don’t make two or plus separate order; as the costs of delivery will apply in each order. The price of delivery has to be paid  by the customer, also in the case the it customs requests a refund, or declines or returns to the sender, for any reason, the products ordered on a regular basis.

The costs of delivery  for the return of products to our warehouse are payable by the customer. In this case the customer will be ensured of the refund of these delivery costs, and if necessary, in the case of non-payment of these, the society Eur Electronics S.r.l. will take the necessary measures to  restore this aforementioned credit.

When the products arrive, in the presence of the courier it is necessary that you verify the following, before signing the delivery note:

  • Verify that the package is intact, not damaged, not wet and complies with the standard characteristics of a package, also the seal ( tape, twine, etc);
  • Verify the number of packages and that the total weight corresponds to what is written in the delivery note.

Any damage to the packets and/or to the products or the mismatch of the number of packages or of the indications, must be contested immediately, by including  “subject control” in writing on the receipt for the shipping. without this signal, the products will be considered duly delivered.

Once the delivery receipt is signed, the client can not impose any contestation about the main exterior characteristics of the delivery.

If not taking the goods within the maximum time limit of warehouse due to repeated non-possibility of delivery to the address of the customer indicated at the moment of order, this shall be considered rejected and brought back in Eur Electronics S.r. l. with reimbursement of expenses payable by customer. The delivery times indicated on the website are based on the date of departure from the offices of the Eur Electronics s.r.l. and are purely indicative.

Art. 6 justifiable delays 

Eur Electronics S.r.l. will not be responsible for the non-complianceof delivery time in its contractual obligations in the weight in which this default stem, direct or indirect, of:

  1. Cases not attributable to Eur Electronics S.r.l. and/or causes of force majeure;
  2. Actions ( or failures ) from the client, including non-transmission of information and of approvals necessary at Eur Electronics S.r.l. for working and for delivery the products.
  3. Without right of payments term from purchaser;
  4. Non-possibility of obtain the materials, components and/or service necessarily for the work and for delivery of the products.

In potential cases which occurs, one of these scenarios assumption, Eur Electronics S.r.l. shall ensure to comunicate it to the client within the amount of possible delay and the new date of shipping.If the delay of Eur Electronics S.r.l. is caused by actions or failures by the client, or by specific work of other parties or suppliers of the client, Eur Electronics S.r.l. will have the right to a fair  revision of the price.

Art. 7 technical standards and responsibility

The products of Eur Electronics S.r.l. are inline with the legislation and the current technical standards in Italy, consequently the client takes the responsibility to verify any eventual discrepancy existing among the Italian law and those of the destination state of the products, allowing Eur Electronics S.r.l. to not be liable.

Eur Electronics S.r.l. shall ensure the performance of the products manufactured, only and exclusively in relations to the use, destinations, applications, tolerances, etc. by Eur Electronics specified elsewhere.

Art. 8 Patent

Eur Electronics S.r.l. accepts to free the client of any responsibility consequently from any legitimate demand by third parties relative at eventual counterfeiting or violation of right of industrial property for the product shipping by Eur Electronics S.r.l.. In the case of demand from third parties, the client will have to notify quickly, and between no more than 8 days, Eur Electronics S.r.l. and supply only this information and utility assistance for the claim.

The above will not apply for any products manufactured on project, design, instruction and/or on technical specific supply to the client, for which Eur Electronics S.r.l. does not employ any responsibility for eventual violation of right of industrial property of third parties, the client has the sole responsibility of this.

Art. 9 Guarantee

Eur Electronics S.r.l. shall ensure that the products manufactured provide the same quality and type as set out in the contract and that they are free of faults that may make them  unfit for indicated use. The guarantee for the constructive faults is limited to only faults of products that are attributable to the defects of material or of processing, (in this case the guarantee shall cover the defects of material at Eur Electronics S.r.l.. The guarantee doesn’t cover the defects associated with normal wear of products or parts subject to normal, rapid and continuous wear.

The operation of guarantee of products is conditional at the integral payment of this. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the guarantee lasts 12 months ( from date of sale) for the client with VAT registration and 24 months for the private client, for a normal use in accordance with the type of product sold.

The guarantee consist of the free repair or free replacement of all pieces that were to fail for evident defect of material or construction the pieces, must be returned at their own expense end we will return to your allocated port. 

Not  included in the guarantee the damage caused by bad or wrong installation or maintenance, incompetence  of any compensation for direct or indirect damage of use and wear, over-efforts, insufficiency or anomaly of supply or other causes which are not our fault. The repairs and the tampering carried out by personnel not expressively authorized by us involve losing guarantees.

The customer is required to verify the conformity of the products and the absence faults within 8 days from the date of shipping of products, and in any case, before using them.

The customer will have to declare in writing the eventual hidden  faults or defects within 8 days from the date of shipping of the products, while the denounce of the occult defects and/or of functionality ( relevant i.e. only after the use of products) will be carried out within 8 days since the discovery of defects and in any case no more than the period of guarantee. The complaints should be submitted in writing to Eur Electronics S.r.l. in accordance with the instruction and by the procedure given by Eur Electronics S.r.l., indicating in detail the faults and the non-conformity found.

The customer lapses right of guarantee if he/she doesn’t allow any reasonable control requested by Eur Electronics S.r.l. or if he/she doesn’t return the defective products within 8days from the relative request. After a regular complaint from customer, Eur Electronics S.r.l., of its choice, will be able to:

A) Repair the products;

B)  Provide free to the headguaranters of the customer (DAP Incoterms 2014) products of the same type and quantity of those with defects;

C) Issue credit note to customer for an amount equal to indicated value in invoice of the products returned. In this case Eur Electronics S.r.l. may require the return of the damaged products, which will become of their property. Unless the parties have agreed otherwise, it’s understood that, All costs for action made by technical assistance outside of Eur Electronics S.r.l. will be supported by the customer.

In the case where the defects of products aren’t be attributable to the responsibility of Eur Electronics S.r.l., the costs for the repair and replacement of the products will be counted and invoiced to the customer. The guarantee of this article substitutes the legal guarantee for faults and conformity and without any other possible responsibility of Eur Electronics S.r.l. and in anyway result by the products provided; in particular, the customer will never be able to request the compensation for the loss and in no case Eur Electronics S.r.l. can’t be  considered responsible for direct and indirect damage or consequential variations.

Art. 10 Demages

The responsibility of Eur Electronics S.r.l. be it resulting by implementation or by the failure of implementing the contract, of guarantee, by tort or delict or be resulting by objective responsibility, will never be able in any case to exceed the value of the product to which this responsibility relates. In no case Eur Electronics S.r.l. will be responsible for loss of earnings or loss of profit, or for the unless use or technical detentions of the product or of any associated  machine, for complaints by customer and/or by third parties relating to such damage or for any other damage also indirect and consequential variations.

Art. 11 Privacy 

The customer agrees to (I) treat the information/ dates/ design/ know how/ documentation received and/ or acquired by Eur Electronics S.r.l. as confidential, to (II) limit the use of this information/ confidential documentation and the relative access for purposes relative at the implementation of the contract. The confidential information/ documentation will never be reproduced unless agreed in writing by Eur Electronics S.r.l. and all copies of this will be returned upon request by Eur Electronics S.r.l..

The points above will not apply at the information that: (I) is public or  shall become public, not for disclosure by the customer, to his employees or staff, or (II) have been in possession of the customer, previous to being received by Eur Electronics S.r.l. or (III)is disclosed from sources that are not subject to the restriction condition applied to the customer relatively at its use, or (IV) its may be disclosure a third parts whit an authorization in writing from Eur Electronics S.r.l. also all software programs and their content eventually supplied to the customer, remain the property of Eur Electronics S.r.l., except if otherwise in writing, and are protected in accordance with D.Lgs. 518 29 December 1992.

Art. 12 Various

The termination from the costumer of right or duty arising from the contract without the prior consent in writing from Eur Electronics S.r.l., will be considered as void. Eur Electronics S.r.l. will have a right to withdraw, at any time, third parties credits arising from the contract, after having notified it in writing to the client.

The total or partial invalidity of one or more clauses of this General Condition will not have any effect on the validity of remaining clauses.

It is that the eventual tolerance of violation of this General Condition cannot be in any intended way interpreted as releasing to exercise the right and/or the power to them connected or consequent.

Art. 13 Right of withdrawal of consumer within the meaning of Dlgs 206/205

The consumer has the power to exercise the right of withdrawal, in accordance with the article 54 D.  Lgs. 06.09.2005 n. 206, as amended by article 1 and 2 D.Lgs. 21.02.2014 n. 21, within the time limit of 14 days from the receipt of the goods by the costumer. taken as proof, in this case the date written on the receipt or on delivery note signed by recipient and courier. within the meaning of article 59, subparagraph 1, letter C) D.Lgs. 206/2005 and subsequent changes, this right will not be exercised in the case of the supply of goods tailor-made in accordance with the specific indications of client or clearly personalized.

Art. 14 Law applicable at the competent court

These General Conditions and the relative contract will be disciplined by the Italian law.

For any relative dispute or in any case connected to the contracts where applicable these General Conditions, are exclusively handled by the courts of Pavia.


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