Who we are

Our business

Eur Electronics started in 1988, after that the two founders left the industry active in the fields of electronic and construction of electrical panels. Since then Eur Electronics, thanks at the collaboration with some society leaders of machine construction and plants of high technology, has developed a lot of experience in the sector of industrial’s automation and the service of hydraulic pump.

In a few years the favored development of the sector and a flexible production system, has consolidated the line of product that was a hit in the national and international market.

We can produce machines started of electric schema, made with electric CAD of IGE-XAO, and the end of installation on board machine and the software PLC, performing also the start-up.

Among the first in Italy to make the electrical panel for group of pressurization with an inverter. Today thanks to this experience, we can provide all the pressurization group, made by us.

A streamlined and flexible organization, it allows usto respond ti the request of the market, also expedite delivery with typical personalization of these products.

In the first months of 2015 Eur Electronics created E-Flow.

E-Flow is a branch of the some society, it creates machines for the water treatment.

More than 25 years in the market sector is reflected that Eur Electronics has a validation from the biggest industry of components for industrial automation.

The continuous updating of technicians, a team of electronic and electro-technical experts and engineers of automation and systems, supported by the top brands present on the global market, allows Eur Electronics to produce products with hight qualitative and regulatory standards.