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EUR ELECTRONICS Srl, situated in via ceresio 35 C/D - Vigevano (PV), P. IVA 1315150183 as the holder of the treatment, he informs you in accordance with art. 13 EU Regulation No 2016/679 "GDPR" that your data will be processed in the following manner and for the purposes:  

1. Formality of the treatment 

The personal data from You communicated will be mainly be treated by the Holder on computer support and telematica and occasionally in papery form.

2. Finality of the treatment 

Your personal data are essays in conformity with prescribed by the art. 6 letts. paragraph 1 lett. b) of the GDPR for the following finalities:

A. elaboration and escape of the applications of information reached by the site web.

B. elaboration and escape of the application of information to the newsletter.

C. elaboration of the application of recording to the site web for the purchase of the products to catalog

The treatment of Your personal data is realized through the suitable operations indicated in the art. 4 paragraphs 1 n. 2) GDPR and precisely: harvest, recording, organization, maintenance, consultation, elaboration, modification, selection, extraction, compares, use, interconnection, block, communication, cancellation and destruction of the data. Your personal data are submitted to the both papery treatment  and electronic and/or automated.

3. Conservation

Finality 2.A: The conferred personal data will be preserved for the time necesario to the escape of the application. To forehead of the application (in the case has negative result) the data will be kept however for not over 10 years, without effecting you direct operations.
Finality 2.B: The personal data conferred for the necessary time to the accomplishment of the finalities of dispatch of the newsletter and up to the application of cancellation

4. Access to the personal data

Your data accessible can be made for the finalities of which above:

to employees and collaborators of the Holder, in their quality of designate subjects to possible other subjects (inside or external) individualized by the holder for the realization of the finalities of which to the present informative

5. Communication of the data

The so picked personal data won't be diffused, surrendered or exchanged in some way with third subjects.

6. Transfer dates

The management and the maintenance of the personal data it will happen on server situated inside the European union. The data won't be out object of transfer of the European union. It stays in every understood case that the Holder, made where him necessary,  will have faculty to move the location of the servers in Italy e/o European Union e/o Countries extra-UE. In such case, the Holder assures since of now that the transfer of the data extra-UE  will happen in conformity to the applicable dispositions of law stipulating, if necessary, accords that guarantee a level of protection adjusted e/o adopting the clauses contractual standards anticipated from the Committee Europea.

7. motive of conferral of data e consequences of the refusal

Finality 2.A : The conferral of data is obligatory for processing the request

Finality 2.B : The agreement is optional

Finality 2.C : The conferral of data is obligatory for processing of registration

8. Rights of the data subject

You have the rights of the art. 15 GDPR and precisely: 

  •   to get the confirmation of the existence or less than personal data that concern You; 
  •   To get indication: a) of origin of personal data; b) of finality and modality of treatment; c) of applied logic in case that the treatment is with electronic tools; d) of holder, of identifier datails, responsible and of the  designated representative in according to art.3, paragraph 1, GDPR; e) of subject or of category of subjects to can be communicated or that of it can come to knowledge as designate representative in the territory of the State, of persons responsible or entrusted; 
  •   to get: a) the update, the correction, when you have interest, integration of data; b) the delate, the trasformation in unmarked form or the block of treatment of data when disagree with the law, whitin the data that don't need maintenance for the aim for why the data are collected or further processed; c) attestation of letters a) and b) have been made awars, also for it contain, of the person to which  the data is communicated or widespread, when this performance is impossible;  
  •   Oppose, all or in part: a) for legittimo motive of the tramonto of personal data, albeit relevant for the aim of collacted; b) of the treatment of personal data for newsletter or for  direct sale or for market research or for send the pubblica material. When applicable, you have right of artt. 16-21 GDPRO (right of rectification, right to the forgetfulness, right of limitation of treatment, right to the portability of the contractual and raw data of navigation, right of opposition), and the right of complain guarantor to the authority.

9. Modality of exercise of rights

Finality 2.A : You will exercise in any moments  the rights through phone, e-mail, fax, or registered letter to the address of holder.
Finality 2.B : For exercise this right of deletion of service and deletion your data you can click on link of unsubscribe  present in every e-mail.
Finality 2.C : You can, in any moments, exercise the rights through phone, e-mail, fax, registered letter to address of holder.

10. Holder, responsible and person in charge

The holder of treatment is EUR ELECTRONICS Srl. 
The updated list of resposible and people in charge of treatment is located at the premises of the holder of treatment.