operators panel


operators panel

HMI & semi-graphic panels

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  • Semi-graphic panel

    The graphic panel monochromatic, of immediate using and easy programming.

    Specifically for the read and write of measurement and parameters from dispositive, for example from PLC, inverter or thermoregulation module, thanks at the complete envelope of serial door.

  • HMI

    The HMI has a serie of touch panel IP65 with color and have a dimension from 4.2”  to 7” whit a large range of functionality and universal compatibility.

    • Save a date in USB,SD card or from Ethernet.
    • Compatible with over 100 models of product.
    • Management of alarms PLC, management of group of recipes 16 and 32 bit, different types of date.
    • Data logging and graphic in real time.
    • Ethernet door for programming, communication and remote access.
    • Connection with printer and barcode readers.
    • 3 serial door ( except DOP-B03, 2 serial door).