Inverter for the three-phase asynchronous’  motors.

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  • PowerFlex 4M

    • 0,25 kw…2,2kw at 240V single-phase /0,25…11kw at 400V three-phase ( disposability also 240V and 480V three-phase)
    • Control V/Hz
    • Compact dimension with cabling passer-by and filter EMC integrated
    • Communication RS-485 integrated: lets you choose multi-drop ( maximum 4 inverter PowerFlex 4 on network node)
    • Security tab of programming integrated and local information of state a LED
    • Drawing accompanied zero-stalking ( never distance between inverter )

  • Accessories for PowerFlex 4M

    Accessories for PowerFlex 4M

  • VFD Series E

    The serie of inverter VFDE focus in a single product all the features choose from tue modern industrial process  and satisfy the typical demands of man-installations and of integrator system if have need advanced technical solutions, practice but especially beneficial in space and economy terms.

    VFDE is at ideal solution for satisfy the demands implementing in the sector of automation, thanks at the develop line, at the PLC integrated and providing a simply but strong use-mode and a programming of more modern system of control.

    V/f & Sensorless Vettoriale, from 0,4 to 11,0Kw

    • Supply: 230V single-phase and 230-460V three-phase (+- 10%) 50/60Hz (+-5%)
    • Power motors from 0,4Kw (0,5Hp) to 22Kw (30Hp)
    • Overloading 150% of nominal current for one minute
    • Brands: CE, UL and cUL

  • Accessories for VFD Series E

    Accessories for VFD Series E

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Showing 1 - 12 of 53 items