Submersible pumps for wells and tanks


Submersible pumps for wells and tanks

The submersible pumps for the wells and tanks are used for the pumping of drinking water or liquid daesn’t chemical aggressive, with low content of sand.

Are used to take water the supply from wells and tanks, which is then used by industries, in the civil and agricultural sectors.

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  • NS-96

    The pumps of the series NS-96 can work with an inverter, the maximum depth of immersion is 200m under the liquid’s level.

    They are eligible for the lifting, pressurization and distribution in civil and industrial installations, filling of tanks and autoclaves, washing installations, spaying installations, with supply from wells with a minimal diameter of 104mm and from natural sites.

    New hydraulic design, limited intrusion with a high performances.

    Components and material to ensure the maximum dependability also in enormous demands:

    • Hydraulic parts in thermoplastic reinforced with a glass fibre to increase the resistance of deterioration.
    • Speakers equipped with wear ring in stainless steel.
    • Shaft in AISI431 stainless steel with hexagonal profile section among the largest on the market for 4" pumps.
    • AISI316 stainless steel sleeves;
    • Abrasion resistant rubber bushing.
    • Stainless steel AISI316 coupling.
    • Body stage in one piece all stainless steel AISI304: gives rigidity to the entire structure ensuring high mechanical resistance and ease of disassembly.

    Ball check valve built into pump outlet:

    • Reduces pressure losses.
    • Ensures the seal under all conditions.
    • Avoids blocking.
    • Configuration designed to facilitate disassembly, maintenance and Assembly.
    • Protection grid built into the suction support.
    • SAER submersible motor CL 95 or CLE95.
    • Coupling according to NEMA standard.
    • All pumps of new series NS-96 can pump water with a maximum sand content of up to 220 g/m ³.
    • The materials used are suitable for contact with drinking water.